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Hello Again…

Well, it’s been ten months, almost a year, since I last blogged and I’ve missed it so! I have no one to blame for my hiatus but myself. I mean, sure, I’d started a new job and didn’t really have the time to devote to writing that I’d had in the past, but really, that was just a lame excuse. I could have made the time, couldn’t I? Somewhere between my late night reading or Saturday/Sunday morning internet browsing time? Or perhaps, while Mountain Man was cooking dinner? What about in the car on the ride home from work? (I think I just heard some of you gasp. Don’t worry! Mountain Man and I rode together to work and he drove everyday!) Maybe, instead of lounging on the deck and wasting an afternoon or evening away, daydreaming and watching stars, I could have knocked out a few lines? Oh, who knows? The point is, I didn’t write anything! Nothing. And for that, I really think my soul has suffered just a little. After all, writing is a big part of what keeps me sane. It helps me to process my world around me in ways that nothing else ever has.

I don’t know how often I’ll be writing, but I think this little break has definitely shown me that being able to put into words all the thoughts, ideas, mental images, songs, feelings, and crazy little quirks that make me who I am is not only good for me, but for everyone else in this world who is either blessed beyond measure to know me or cursed to have won some lottery in hell to have to endure me.

Either way, it ought to be interesting…


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