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Our Respective Corners

Everyone has stuff in their life that means something special to them.  An object in your home.  A picture hanging on your wall.  A favorite pillow.  A warm, cozy throw.  A coffee cup that always brings a smile to your face whenever you reach for it in the morning.   Your favorite writing pen.  A familiar scent that permeates your home.  Your favorite pair of slippers.  Things in life that make us feel comfortable.  Certain little rituals that make our days feel rich and welcoming and our nights feel safe and comfortable.

Some of my most favorite things in this world either didn’t cost me a single penny or were very cheap.  One such thing is the comfort level that exists between Mountain Man and myself.  In our cabin, we each have our “spots”.  He has his big comfy chair and I have my corner of the couch.  Each of us has our little spot well equipped with things we might need while relaxing.  Writing utensils and paper for jotting down ideas, thoughts, recipes, or “to do” lists, the weather station, chap stick, our guns, a small flashlight, ammo, a tiny turtle carved from soap stone and a tiny plastic dinosaur, reading materials, tissue, and the trusty old computer is always beside one of us.  Occasionally, other items will find their way into our little corners of the cabin, but for the most part, the items listed above are staples that are always nearby.

We have been known to share each other’s space from time to time and we will completely swap sides on occasion, too.  But we always end up back in our respective spots in the house.  And I’m not real sure I’d have it any other way.  Well, there is this set of matching his and hers recliners that I’ve envisioned in my head, strategically placed in front of a big screen tv, with a common table between us and a smaller one on either side of us for all of our individual things.  Talk about the ultimate Sunday football experience!!!




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