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What Is This World Coming To?

How many of you have seen this Christmas commercial?

Or this one?

Or how ’bout this one?

This one’s just terrible, awful!!!  I think it repulses me the most out of all the Best Buy Christmas commercials this year.  The Mom in this commercial is practically threatening to kick poor Santa off the roof!

What in the name of Kris Kringle is going on with the world today?  When did it become acceptable to mock Santa Claus?    How on earth did we, as a society, get to this sad and pitiful state of taunting Santa when he’s bringing us toys and goodies?  When did this become ok?  I’m just totally confused and outraged by this whole ugly mess.

I mean, Santa Claus is supposed to be revered and looked upon with wonder and magic and happiness and goodness.  He’s not supposed to be made fun of and mocked and made to look like a fool by bargain hunting, one-upping Moms!  Even though I am one of those bargain hunting Moms, I’m not about to be mean to Santa!  No way!  Nu-uh!  Not me!

How on earth can we expect to keep the magic of Santa Claus alive and well in society if this becomes the new norm for which we perceive the jolly old man who was always so good to all of us when we were little kids?  A man who still makes the season bright and joyous for many of us adults out there who still believe?

And before any of you start thinking I’m discounting Jesus, I just want to say that I am completely aware of the real reason for the season.  But in this little rant of mine, I’m only focusing on what the world is doing to Saint Nick.  What the world has done, for centuries, to Jesus is a whole other topic all together.  Oh, and you don’t need to call the people in the white coats to come haul me away for believing in Santa, either.  I will always and forever believe in Santa.  No matter what!

But, back to my rant.  I’m really bothered by these Best Buy ads.  And I’ve always liked Best Buy.  It really saddens me to think that they are perpetuating this awful behavior towards a man whose only purpose in life is to bring joy to all those who believe in him.  I can’t even to begin to imagine what all the little kids who are watching these tacky and tasteless commercials are thinking.  How can we, as parents, ever expect to be able to use the old “Santa Claus is watching you” threat to enlist good behavior during all the holiday madness after our kids have seen a Mom being mean to him on television?

Oh, don’t judge.  All you parents out there know you’ve uttered these words at least once a season since your kids were old enough to pitch a fit during a shopping trip/holiday party/family get-together/Christmas play/insert your own holiday scenario here.

But beyond the threat of no presents and reindeer poop in stockings, Santa’s supposed to represent all the love and goodness in this sometimes cruel world of ours for our children.  And for some of us adults, too.  Santa makes the season so magical and wonderful and full of delight and merriment.

Surely to goodness this will just be a one time, bad, poor, ugly choice of advertising for Best Buy and we’ll never, ever see any of these disgusting commercials again.

And Santa, if you’re reading my blog, just know that I still believe and if you decide to leave reindeer poop in the stockings of all the good folks over at Best Buy, we’d all understand and not think any less of you.


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