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MTV is 30!!! Man, I Feel Old!!!

Do you remember what you were doing 30 years ago today?  Well, I don’t really have any recollection of this day since I was just a toddler.  But, it was still a very important day in history.

August 1, 1981 was the day MTV launched and the world changed forever, and for the better, I might add.

I have no memories of a time when there was no such thing as a music video to go along with my favorite songs.  Even though we didn’t have cable when I was younger, I still got my fill of all the glorious songs and videos being blasted into the world thanks to my favorite Aunt.  She’d actually record MTV at night while she slept and bring me the VHS tapes to watch.  Once I’d watched the 6 hour tape, multiple times, I might add, I’d return it to her and she’d record another 6 hours worth of what was deemed somewhat inappropriate viewing material by some.  How stinkin’ cool was she!

I just didn’t think I should let this day pass without saying something about MTV.  And not the MTV of today where there’s never any music videos and only a bunch of stupid reality shows about really loose girls and punk boys.  Notice I did not say women or men, and I didn’t cuss, which is huge for me when it comes to describing really dumb people.  I called them girls and boys because the stupid idiots they find for these shows are well below what I would consider to be adults.

No, today, I remember the MTV of old.  The MTV where we got to see so many of music’s firsts.  The MTV that partially shaped me into the music lover that I am today.  I do wish the big wigs over there would get rid of all the crap they choose to show on their network and get back to the good stuff!

*Funnily enough, today on VH1 Classics, they’re showing the very first hours of MTV when it first launched.  VH1 Classics!  Really???  Wow!

Do you think that means I’m a Classic???



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