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It’s Too Early

4:40 am

Do y’all know how early 4:40 am actually is?

Well, I do now.  I found out this morning and let me tell ya, it ain’t pretty.  No human being in the world should be required to get up before 6 am.  Ever.  Period.  6 am is early enough for whatever the day has to bring.  And before any of you start cussing at me, yes, I am fully aware that there are certain jobs that must carry on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in order for us to survive and function in this wonderful life.  I used to have one of those jobs and I worked the graveyard shift.  That too, falls into my category of things no human being should be required to do.  But, that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, I apologize… again… for the lack of riveting content in my writing that I know all of you have come to expect.  But I made myself a promise and I’m gonna keep it.  Just bear with me, and after this week of exciting training, that just happens to be held out-of-town, I’ll be back on a somewhat more normal sleeping schedule and maybe, juuuuuust maybe, I’ll be able to figure out how to balance this new life of mine out again.

Did you catch the sarcasm?


The Mountain and The Rest Of The World

Not a lot of people like winter around here.  Most of them actually hate this time of year.  Even if they think the snow is pretty to look at, they hate having to navigate the winding mountain roads when the weather’s bad.  I am not one of these people.  I actually don’t mind driving in the snow.  And driving in a snow storm at night ranks right up there on my list of little things that I love so much.  I love Winter and everything about it.  However, that being said, living up here on the side of one of these mountains has given me a whole new appreciation for driving in the snow, or up here, driving anywhere from a few days to a week after the snow.

We can pretty much count on getting the fluffy, white stuff if there’s even the slightest indication of it in our local forecast.  It’ll snow up here when it’s not snowing anywhere else.  It’s really amazing.  At the bottom of the mountain, or civilization, as some like to refer to it, it’ll be dry as a bone and nothing going on.  About half way up the mountain, the flakes begin to fly and by the time I get to our house, it looks like someone’s shook up a snow globe!  For this snow lover, it’s really a wonderful life up here.

Looking at a mountain range far off in the distance after a snow storm and seeing that part of the mountain has melted and is back to its regular brown Winter color and the other part is still snowy white, blanketed in the glorious fluffy, white stuff has always been stunning and gorgeous to me.  Especially when the setting sun casts the last colors of daylight on one of these mountains.  Vivid, deep purples, bright magentas, and shades of auburn that appear to change with each curve of the mountain and the various shades of white and brown.  But after living up here, near the top of one of these majestic mountain ranges, I’ve found that I have a new appreciation for this phenomenon.

There are distinct lines between winter and fall after the warm, Winter sun has melted part of the mountain.  Driving along the windy road, one side of the forest floor will be snowy white, while the other side will be filled with all the rich brown, earthy colors of Fall.  And it changes with each twist and turn in the road.  At certain points, it’s Winter on the left and Fall on the right.  Then, as you wind your way higher, just beyond the next bend in the road, Fall’s on the left and Winter’s now on the right.  It’s really quite amazing.

The drawback to all this beauty is that parts of the mountain melt completely away, leaving no trace of the slick snow, ice, and slush, while other parts melt just enough to form what should be considered an Olympic sport arena where instead of wearing skates, people drive 4×4 vehicles, sometimes equipped with chains, to compete for gold medals.  I’m pretty sure Mountain Man would take the gold each and every year in this event.

I had never been afraid of driving on slick roads in my life until I started trying to drive on these roads up here.  Even on a good day, these roads aren’t for the faint of heart.  I’ve been told that there are grown men who won’t drive down our driveway in the snow!  But I have.  I’ve done it a few times.  It’s not that bad as long as you’ve got all the right equipment.  You know, a four-wheel drive vehicle, a really good set of tires, the ability to actually drive in the snow, and for me, the ability to pray and drive at the same time.  I get real close to God this time of year.   However, just because I’ve done it, does not mean I wanna do it again.

I’m supposed to go out this morning and I just really don’t know if I’m gonna try it or not.  I’m missing some of the necessary equipment required to get me safely to the bottom.  My tires are not the best in the world and the thoughts of going down the parts of the mountain that didn’t melt at all yesterday make me wanna go crawl back in bed and hide under the covers.

So here I sit, debating back and forth, the pros and cons of going out this morning.  The sun’s just coming up over the mountains to the East and the Carolina blue sky is dotted with a few high puffy clouds.  It’s another one of those beautiful NC mornings.  Snow or no snow, slick road or dry, I know just how lucky I am to live here in this little cabin, on the side of this mountain, with my Mountain Man.




11.7 Degrees

Do you know how cold 11.7 degrees is?  Do you know how cold it feels?  Especially when you live on the top of a mountain and the wind’s blowing and the wind chill is forecast to be almost -20 degrees!!!  It’s so stinkin’ cold up here this morning.  It’s only about 63 degrees here in the cabin!  It’s like it can’t get any warmer no matter how many logs Mountain Man throws in that fire!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I loooooooooooove Winter and everything about Winter.  Snow is one of those things that never fails to bring a smile to my face.  But, I could really do without the extremely frigid temperatures that sometimes accompany all that lovely, white, fluffy stuff.  We’re only supposed to get up to about 22 degrees here today and when it’s like that, I don’t even wanna go out and play in the snow!

So, I guess today’s gonna be one of those two layers of clothing, extra warm fuzzy socks, huddle under a blanket next the fire and watch it snow kinda days.  I love my life!

A Tale of Two Boys and Two Girls

Mountain Man and I, along with my sister, her boyfriend, and another friend and her boyfriend, took all of our kids and a couple of strays on an outing to a water park over the weekend.  All in all there were six adults, 4 teenagers, and 3 little kids and we had a blast.  But the best part was watching these 2 teenage boys from my camp oogling after these 2 teenage girls from my friends crew and vice versa.

They all found out they were going together a few days before the actual event and the never-ending texting ensued.   This was wildly amusing to watch for all of us adults in the group.

Those boys, one of which is my son, had to make sure they smelled good and fixed every single hair on their heads before we left that morning.  Then, when we met up with the vehicle carrying the girls, I found out they’d been doing the same thing that morning before venturing out to be seen by these two young men.  Primping, fixing their hair, putting on make-up, making sure their clothes were just right.  And all of this just to go down a water slide and jump in a pool!

I found this to be so amusing and it brought back memories of myself doing the exact same thing when I was their age.  It didn’t matter that the water would wash away any trace of make-up or flatten the highest bangs and best “wings” I could tease and spray up.  I’m sure all you ladies remember this classic hairstyle from the 90’s.

No, it didn’t matter that well over an hour spent in the bathroom in front of the mirror would be gone with the very first dive into the pool.  This grooming was an absolute necessity at 13!  It had to be done!  My very existence depended upon it!

It’s fun getting to be a parent and watching your own kids do some of the same things you used to do.  Even though it’s a little different ’cause I have a 13 year old boy and he’s obviously not gonna to be coming to me for make-up tips or other feminine issues.  But, none-the-less, it’s in those little moments, devoid of crankiness, attitude, mouthiness, and all other run of the mill nasty teenage conflict and drama, that I actually enjoy being the Mother of a teenager.

Sunday mornings…

I love Sunday mornings.  Always have.  But I especially love Sunday mornings on this mountain.  Everything is so quiet and peaceful.  Makes me really appreciate just being alive and being able to relish in all this beauty that surrounds me.

Right now, looking out my windows, the varying shades of green all around me are mesmerizing.  They range from bright and vivid, to dark and muted.  Yet, together, they all seem to blend effortlessly and overtake the senses when you look at them.  You can almost smell the green outside right now!   And I’m not even really all that fond of green!

The sky is varying shades of gray from the ensuing storms that are approaching, with little patches of silver where the clouds aren’t as thick and the sun is trying to burst through.  And although I’m not particularly fond of rainy days, on Sundays, they don’t seem to bother me.  There’s not a whole lot that can ruin these days for me.

I can hear birds fluttering back and forth and singing their lovely songs, or they may be complaining because I kept forgetting to fill up the feeders all last week!  Poor little guys.  I’ll do better this week.  I swear!

So often, we waste days like this worrying about life’s little problems;  complaining about things we don’t have, the laundry that’s waiting on us, wondering if we’re ever gonna “make it”, jobs and money and bills, dirty floors, worrying about how our kids are gonna turn out, wrinkles and stretch marks, “suffering” from road rage because the person in front of you IS actually taking the time to enjoy all the world has to offer.  (Or, perhaps that person just seriously cannot drive.)

Anyway, my point is, instead of worrying about things that we have no immediate control over, perhaps we should just let go.  Maybe we should just try to relax and take in all the beauty that we see today.  Instead of fretting over the laundry and the floors, or the kids and the bills, or those pesky wrinkles that just will not budge no matter how many products you rub on them or how hard you wish for them to go away, perhaps we should try to be like the Sunday drivers and enjoy all that the world has to offer today.

So when you’re out on the road today, (or any other day, for that matter,)  just ignore all those lovely hand gestures being thrown at you by your fellow motorists.  You know, the ones that involve the middle finger.  Don’t pay any attention to the dirty looks you get from other drivers, either.  They just haven’t figured out how to enjoy the little things in life yet.

*Now, if only I can remember this the next time I’m in a hurry and I get behind every single truck, bus, blue haired old lady, tractor, and anything else that might induce a slew of profanities to spew from my mouth like a hot soda that’s been shaken violently.  What can I say?  Sadly, I’m not perfect…

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