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“Into each life a little rain must fall.”

Honestly, I know rain is a necessity in life.  And I know that without it, we would cease to exist.  But it’s been gloomy and nasty outside for the past few days up here at the cabin and I’ve had just about all I can take!

For the most part, I don’t mind being alone here thru the day.  But on rainy days, it just seems like time stops and my world moves at a snail’s pace.  No matter what I try to do to pass the time, the day just seems to linger on.

Living in the woods, I spend a lot more time outside than I ever did when I lived in town.  Everything’s quieter here, more peaceful, and you feel a certain connection with the earth that you just can’t get in many other places.  When it’s raining cats and dogs everyday and you can’t get outside to walk around in your backyard, (or, in my case, your side of the mountain), and enjoy your flowers and watching your garden grow, or watching the birds and deer and whatever other critters happen to show up,  it can get kinda depressing.

Longfellow said “Into each life a little rain must fall”.  But he also made sure to remind us that “Behind the clouds the sun is still shining”.   I’m just glad that the only rain falling in my life right now is the cleansing kind that ensures a new beginning.  A fresh perspective on things to come.  A bright future just waiting for me.


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