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It’s finally here.  The end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend.  Friday has finally arrived and this Mountain Girl couldn’t be happier!  Friday’s mean that the work week is over and the relaxed, laid back weekend is upon us.  It’s time for home-cooked breakfasts, all day spent in my jammies, lazin’ about the house and enjoying being with my Mountain Man.  It’s a time for renewal to begin.  A day reserved for a happiness that no Monday will ever know.  Well, unless that Monday happens to be a Monday in your vacation spent on the beach somewhere and in that case, days don’t really matter anymore.  The only days that matter while one is on vacation are the ones counting down to one’s departure and the day one has to go back home, which, funnily enough, is usually a good day, too because one is usually excited about getting back home after being away no matter how magnificent one’s vacation destination is.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s Friday!


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