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Cold Feet

Have you ever had cold feet?  And no, I’m not referring to that feeling of dread and impending doom one gets when one is about to either a) walk down the aisle to one’s future husband, or b) wait at the end of the aisle for one’s future wife.  I’m talking about actual cold feet.  And not just your average oh, my feet are cold, so I’ll got put some socks on cold feet.  I’m talking about the oh, my feet are cold so I’ll go put some wool socks on, along with some wool lined slippers, prop them up in front of the fireplace and pray for my toes to thaw out kind of cold feet.

Well, for whatever reason, I’ve experienced this more often than not in the past few weeks.  Maybe I’m getting old.  Maybe my circulatory system is failing me.  Maybe I have a weird brain tumor that makes me think my feet are cold, but in reality, they’re just as warm as the rest of me.  Or maybe, it’s just been really cold and my feet, along with my hands, are two of the last parts of my body to get warm.

It was bitterly, bitterly cold this past weekend and the first part of this week.  Single digit temps with cold, howling winds and snow.  Not the two or three feet of snow that we had last year, this storm only brought about three inches with it.  But, the biting cold set in for a few days and it felt like it was never gonna warm back up.  Waking up to 30 degrees a couple of mornings ago felt like a heat wave!

My feet have finally thawed out and I’ve ruled out problems with my circulatory system, or any strange brain tumors that might be impeding my ability to accurately gauge body temperatures, or that pesky idea that I might be getting old.  After a high of 22 on Monday, it’s supposed to get up to almost 60 today!  You gotta love living in the North Carolina mountains.



11.7 Degrees

Do you know how cold 11.7 degrees is?  Do you know how cold it feels?  Especially when you live on the top of a mountain and the wind’s blowing and the wind chill is forecast to be almost -20 degrees!!!  It’s so stinkin’ cold up here this morning.  It’s only about 63 degrees here in the cabin!  It’s like it can’t get any warmer no matter how many logs Mountain Man throws in that fire!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I loooooooooooove Winter and everything about Winter.  Snow is one of those things that never fails to bring a smile to my face.  But, I could really do without the extremely frigid temperatures that sometimes accompany all that lovely, white, fluffy stuff.  We’re only supposed to get up to about 22 degrees here today and when it’s like that, I don’t even wanna go out and play in the snow!

So, I guess today’s gonna be one of those two layers of clothing, extra warm fuzzy socks, huddle under a blanket next the fire and watch it snow kinda days.  I love my life!

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