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The Top Ten Reasons I Wish I Was A Little Kid Again

1~ Naps.  What adult in their right mind wouldn’t just love to go back to the days of having to take a nap every afternoon?  I’m all for bringing siesta’s to this country and making it mandatory for every citizen to cease and desist from any further work until we’ve had at least an hour to lay our weary heads down and shut our heavy eyelids for some much needed rest!

2~ Candy.  Yes, I’m very well aware that as adults, we can eat as much candy as we’d like without the fear of retribution from our parents anymore.  But seriously, as adults, do we really still get sugar highs like we did when we were little?  Come on!  When’s the last time a handful of M&M’s made you bounce off the wall?  Wait.  Really?  You still get sugar rushes from candy?  Well then what in the name of all that is holy is wrong with me?  Candy doesn’t give me energy anymore.

*But chocolate does makes me feel better about whatever just happens to be going on around me.  It’s like a soothing salve for my soul.

3~ Bicycles.  I don’t know ’bout y’all, but when you get to be my age and certain parts of your body are much more womanly than they were before you developed hips and breasts and a big ‘ol butt, riding a bike just isn’t as fun as it used to be.

*Oh and just for the record.  I love my big ‘ol butt.  It’s took me years of eatin’ beans and taters to get this thing and I’m pretty dang proud of it!  As previously stated in this blog, I already know there’s something terribly, terrible wrong with me!  A woman with no body issues?  Simply unheard of in this day and age!  Anyway, I digress.  Lets get back to the list.

4~ Mud.  How many of you, dear readers, have ever taken a mud bath?  And no, I’m not talking about the ones you go to a salon and pay for.  I’m talking about finding just the right mud hole outside and deciding that it is just too tempting not to lay down in it, fully clothed in a snow white ruffled belly shirt, submerge yourself as far as you can possibly go without actually drowning, saturate every strand of your curly blonde hair, and then proceed to splash around and squish the wondrously glorious mud with your fingers and your toes until they’re plum pruney.   Ahhh…  One of my favorite memories as a child.

5~ Saturday Morning Cartoons.  In this day and age of cartoons being on 24 hours a day, somehow, they’re just not as exciting as they used to be.  At least not for this ‘ol gal.  What?  Responsible adults aren’t supposed to like to sit down and watch an hours worth of Looney Tunes?  Really!  Apparently I didn’t get the memo.  That, or I’m still just a big kid myself.  Jury’s still out on that one.

6~ Licking The Beaters.  Honestly, is there any better way to eat batter, icing, pudding, whipped cream, meringue, mashed potatoes, or any other delectable delight?

7~ Goodnight Kisses.  Looking back on my childhood, some of the happiest times were when my Mama would come into my room every night at bedtime.  She’d sit down on the edge of my bed and I’d say my prayers with her.  She had long fingernails when I was little that she always kept perfectly polished and she’d use those long fingernails to gently, ever so feather-lightly rub my face ’till I was almost asleep.  Then she’d kiss me on the cheek and tell me that she loved me just before she turned off my light and left me there in my bed to dream the sweet dreams of a child.

8~ Paw.  There has never been, nor will there ever be, another man like my Grandpa.  He was definitely one of a kind and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and miss him.

9~ Swimming.  All. Day. Long.  And having to be threatened with death if I didn’t get out of the pool, river, ocean, creek, bathtub, or any other body of water I could manage to submerge myself in.

10~ 20/20 Vision.  It’s been so long ago, I have a hard time remembering what it’s like not to need glasses or contacts to see the world around me.  But I can still conjure up a few images that didn’t require corrective lenses for me to burn them into my brain and think fondly of them now.

*This list is in no particular order.  This just happens to be the order that the thoughts poured out of me today.


Wherever You Go, There You Are

Wherever you go, there you are.

I came upon these words the other day when I was perusing one of the self-help books I purchased toward the end of my horribly destructive marriage in the hopes that perhaps I was the problem and I could fix me and make it all better.  Turns out, I wasn’t the problem.  Go figure.  But that’s a story I don’t care to ever delve into in this blog.  Ever.

Anyway, those words hit me like a ton of bricks when I re-read them.  Wherever You Go, There You Are is actually the title of a book that, I might add, I’ve never read, by a man named Jon Kabat-Zinn.  I’ve never been big on the self-help books out there ’cause I’ve always felt like I’m supposed to be able to help myself.  After all, I don’t have any disabilities that might hinder me from taking care of myself, both mentally and physically.  At least, I don’t think I do.

I digress.  Sorry.  Anyway, back to my point.  These words resounded with me because I’ve found myself daydreaming lately.  And not the harmless, fun kind of daydreaming, but rather the what if kind of daydreaming.  You know what I’m talking about.  Watching it rain and rain and rain and rain some more, I’ve found myself wishing I were at the beach.  Thinking about the veritable cornucopia of dramatic things that seem to find me no matter how far off the beaten path I tend to roam has, at times, had me wondering whether or not I need to just drop off the grid for a year or two in the hopes that all will be resolved when I emerge from my hiding.

But, upon further, deeper reflection of the words, wherever you go, there you are, their true meaning dawned on me, and a deeper sense of my own inner psyche and the ramblings of my inner-most being surfaced.  Violently, I might add.  It doesn’t matter where on this earth I might actually be, I’m still there!  It wouldn’t matter if I were sitting on a white sandy beach, with crystal blue tropical waters lapping all around me, and a coconut drink in my hand, complete with a little umbrella.  My little daily dramas, that, funnily enough, don’t usually involve me or my immediate family, would still be there with me.  You cannot escape the inner workings of your own psyche and you definitely cannot run from the daily problems of life that seem to never get solved, no matter how tirelessly you toil.

So, with that, I’ve decided that from now on, I’m going to be present and I’m not going to dwell on the things that I have no control over.  And trust me, there are many of them.  I’m going to remember that regardless of whether or not I’m on a beach, in a plane, in my car, at Wally World, the doctor’s office or on top of my mountain, those little problems and dramas are always gonna be there.  They’re a part of me.  And they’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Wherever you go, there you are.  Powerful words with a deep meaning.  If you can just wrap your mind around them.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be completely and utterly alone in this world?  I can remember days when my two kids were little that I often daydreamed about running away to the farthest corner of the world with no phone, no computer, no television, nothing.  Just for a little while.  I even got in the car once and almost made it out of town.  Then it occurred to me that my car was sitting on empty, I had no money with me, the kids liked ME a lot better than their dad, and I actually really do love the little devils and just might miss them.  Add to that, the fact that I loathe being alone, I mean absolutely despise not being around other people, and my little daydream just loses all its luster really fast.

Now, fast forward about a decade.  Lose the husband, one kid moves out, new relationship blossoms and morphs into something REAL, another kid moves in, and viola!  Instant happiness and bliss.

That old daydream was many moons ago, and I have no desire to run away from home anymore.  Not even on the really bad days when I feel like running from the house screaming, while simultaneously pulling my hair out.  (Any stay at home parent knows exactly what I’m talking about!)  No, I find the chaos involved with having kids and a family is what keeps me going now.  That, and a never-ending supply of chocolate.  I don’t cringe at the sound of the little darlings annoying one another just for the fun of it.  Nor do I fret over all the little messes and constant loads of dishes and laundry that just seem to appear out of nowhere whenever they’re around.  I love every minute of my life nowadays.  Even the bad ones.  Because unlike the past, even my bad days aren’t so bad anymore.

I guess that’s the thing about family that makes it so great.  You have good days and you have bad days, but as long as you love each other and try to be respectful of each other, it all just works out in the end.  I personally believe that I have the best family in the world.  (Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know.  I may be just a little bit biased on that one.)  But they truly are great.  And at the end of the day, when the kids are home from school, and He’s home from work, and we’re all here together, all is right with the world.

*Note to self:  Re-read this post towards the end of summer when the kids have been out of school for almost two months and they’ve been driving you nuts because they’re bored, and there’s nothing to do up here, and it’s hot outside, and the bugs are keeping them inside with you, and they miss their friends, and they’re constantly hungry and/or thirsty, and there’s nothing on tv, and they’re bored, and you’re at your wit’s end, and they’re bored.  Oh, wait.  Did I mention they’re bored?  Perhaps then I’ll start daydreaming again.  🙂

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