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Line dried clothes…

Today is the first day that the sun has broken thru the dreary, rainy clouds in almost a week.  I was so excited this morning when I saw the first remnants of light bursting over the mountain top, streaming thru the windows, and washing over every surface that surrounded me.  Absolutely giddy!  What can I say?  It doesn’t take much to excite me.

So anyway, it occured to me, that I’d be able to utilize our clothesline today.  And that excited me.  Absolutely giddy!  I know, I know… there’s something terribly wrong with me.

But, all possible mental illness aside, I truly enjoy hanging the wash out on the clothes line to dry.   I like the feel of the crisp morning air when I first set out with my task.  I like the smell of the clean clothes as I’m hanging each of them on the line.  I like the sight of the clothes hanging all neatly in a row.  I like taking them all down at the end of the day and smelling that “line dried smell” mingling with the laundry detergent.  I like the sense of accomplishment I get when everything’s folded and put away neatly.

Yeah, it takes longer to actually get done with the laundry, but somehow, it just feels right.  🙂


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