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The Invaders, The Second Installment

Just a little update on our pesky bee problem here at the cabin.  I know y’all are just dying to know about all this fun and interesting stuff!

Mountain Man decided that yesterday was going to be “lets kill the bees day” here.  Well, in all fairness, yesterday had to be “lets kill the bees day”.  Who knows just how emotionally, and possibly physically, scarred I mighta been had another one of those gargantuan bees made their way through the vents and into the bathroom with me during another one of my somewhat obsessive tooth brushing sessions.  (That’s a story for another time.)

So, after some assessment and preparation on Mountain Man’s part, the killing commenced.  And I must say, it was an emotional roller coaster for me.  I tried my best to help.  I offered up my services willingly and was ready for battle in whatever way Mountain Man might need me.  But nothing could prepare me for what took place last night upstairs in our bathroom.  I went from borderline hysterics when one of the monsters flew in the open window, to uproarious laughter upon seeing the contraption that my Mountain Man came up with to finally get rid of those obscenely large buzzing bees.  Not to mention the extra layer of protective clothing that my son came upstairs wearing which consisted of a pair of jogging pants, a sweatshirt, gloves, a bandana wrapped around his face up to his eyeballs, a boggin on his head, and a pair of sunglasses.  I think I mighta peed a little at one point!  And the really funny part, he was just there to watch!  Bless his heart…

I took a few photos with my cell phone during this perilous event here on the mountain.  I wish I could’ve gotten better shots and especially some before shots and maybe even a good pic of one of the bees while they were still alive, but this was a serious matter we were dealing with here.  We’re talking life or death!!!  Well, maybe not life or death in the literal sense, but it was pretty dang nerve wracking, to say the least!

The hole where the light/vent/heat used to be, strategically sealed off with a clear trash bag and Tyvek tape.

The greatest invention of our time, courtesy of Mountain Man. Who knew a fly swat could be so versatile?

Mountain Man, fully suited up, going in for the kill!

A few of the casualties from this hard fought battle with the giant bees. I can't even imagine how many more corpses are in the vent pipe that leads outside.

I hate that I didn’t have the forethought to bring the camera upstairs with me to document this war against the flying, stinging monsters.  The pictures from my cell phone are pretty fuzzy, but you get the general idea.  The bees fought a good fight, but in the end, Mountain Man and his ingenious invention came out victorious, and because of his valiant efforts, I lived to write another day.


The Invaders

Have you ever felt like someone, or something, was watching you?  Living up here in the cabin there’s always some form of wildlife watching.  The deer, the occasional bear, a stray snake, raccoons, the moths trying in vain to get into the house thru the open windows and doors, and we can’t forget Max, the dog.  You’d think I’d be used to being watched by now, but last night was pretty darn freaky.

Most people have had at least one run in with the invader I failed to mention in the previous list.  Whether you live in the woods, or the country, or near the ocean, or in the city, just about everybody out there has had to battle bees.  And we’re definitely no different.  In our upstairs bathroom, the light/vent/heater in the ceiling has become a party hole for a bunch of bees!  They’ve been buzzing around up in the vent pipe for quite some time now, but we just thought they were flying in there and then getting stuck and buzzing around until they died.  Evidently, we were wrong.

Last night when I went up to brush my teeth, I noticed the incessant buzzing and what can only be described as a strange munching sound, was much louder.  Upon further inspection, I noticed there was a bee corpse hanging out of one of the small slits for the air to flow thru.   Then, after I climbed up on the toilet for a closer look, I saw them.  There they were, little bee legs darting in and out of the vent holes at a rapid pace.  Absolutely one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen in the house!  And we’re not talking little bees here, either.  These dang things have bodies that are about an inch long and they’re about as big around as my pinky finger!  They’re huge!!!

Since it was almost midnight, and Mountain Man had to work today, he shut the door and left the light on all night long to try to roast the pesky little invaders.  It must have worked on most of them, ’cause I haven’t heard any buzzing or strange munching sounds all day.

Still, I feel like I need to proceed with caution whenever I go into that bathroom.  I’m telling ya, these bees are big enough to carry me off if they ever decided to band together!

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