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How many of you out there have people in your lives that you absolutely must deal with, but would really rather not?  Those people who you must have contact with, whether it’s on a daily basis or a once in a blue moon basis, who always, always, always manage to rub you the wrong way.  I don’t have many of these burdens, but I do have a few.

I’m really, really, really trying to grow as a human being and learn not to let people get to me or steal my joy.  I’ve read lots of books and listened to lots of different people hand out advice about how to deal with the less savory individuals out there in the world.  But, try as I may, there’s still a few out there that leave me gnashing my teeth and wondering just exactly what lottery in Hell I was fortunate enough to win.

Mountain Man, God love his soul, has really tried to show me the path to peace and harmony when dealing with off-putting individuals.  Not only does he usually know exactly what to say in any given situation, he also usually knows when I just need a hug to make all the madness go away.  No matter how mad I am, or how hurt I am, he can wrap those big, strong arms of his around me and I just melt, along with all the day’s troubles.  He always brings me back to center.  Always.

So, for all the people out there that never fail to crawl up under my skin and wiggle on my last nerve, I say bring it on!  Sure, you’re still gonna aggravate me and cause profanities to spew forth from my mouth like water from a fire hydrant, but I’ve got something that you, dear annoying, aggravating person, don’t have.  I’ve got perpetual hope and faith in myself that I’ll eventually get to a point where you no longer bother me.

AND, I have Mountain Man!


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