Enjoying life's adventures in a secluded mountain cabin

I’m getting something tomorrow that’s been a long time coming.  I’m excited to receive this wondrous and empowering little piece of paper.  To some, it may seem like such a trivial little thing.  To others, it may have absolutely no value what-so-ever for them.  But for me, it means a job well done.  It means I’ve given my best.  It means I’m appreciated for what I do.  It means someone out there recognized that I give 110% of myself and when I say I’m gonna do something, I do it.

What is this little, sometimes elusive, sometimes magically disappearing, more often than not less than we’d all like for it to be, document?

My first paycheck in a reeeeeeeally long time!

Even though I chose to stay home for the past year and a half, I must admit that I’m really looking forward to having a steady income again to be able to contribute to our household expenses and buy all those things that every mountain girl needs and wants.  You know… another pistol, my first rifle, ammo for my pistols, ammo for my rifle, more shooting gear,  my very first bow, all things required for bow hunting, new hunting clothes, new hunting boots…


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