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Embrace What You’ve Got

Blow dryers, flat irons, serums, creams, sprays, and potions.  These are the necessary tools for a lot of women out there who were blessed with a head full of naturally curly hair.  They blow out those curls using really hot hair dryers and what some might consider a tug of war between their hair and a brush.  Then they slide each strand between the two hot metal plates of a flat-iron to make their hair stick straight.  Then, serums and creams are applied to keep the humidity out and finally, they apply sprays to hold each and every strand in place.  This whole process can take anywhere from a few minutes to more than an hour, depending on how long or short your hair is, and how straight you want it.

I am one of those women who was blessed with a head full of waves and curls.  I am not one of those women who thinks that blow dryers, flat irons, serums, creams, sprays, and potions are necessary tools.  I am one of the few women who happens to love that I was born with locks that kink and curl and twist all over my head.  My hair has a mind of its own and it does some really strange things sometimes.  But it’s always interesting and it’s always something I get compliments on, no matter where I go.

I don’t fight with my hair.  I don’t try to get it to do things that go against its groovy nature.  I don’t try to force the strands into submission by applying heat to the point of frying them.  I don’t rub in copious amounts of various different products hoping for a miracle.  And I don’t run for cover every time it rains or the humidity rises.

I embrace all my little coils and twists and I just so happen to love a little rain in the forecast or a little humidity in the air.  It makes my ringlets springier, zippier, and happier.  If anything, I wish somebody would invent a hair care product/machine that simulates humidity and moisture for gals like myself that prefer that poufy, wild, crazy, curly look.

Until then, don’t be surprised if you see me boldly walking through the rain without my umbrella.  After all, a little rain never hurt anybody and sometimes, you’ve just gotta embrace what you’ve got.



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