Enjoying life's adventures in a secluded mountain cabin

What I Did Today

Today, I embarked upon a new chapter of my life.  I did something I’ve been trying to do for a few months now.  Today, I started a new job.  And let me tell ya, jobs are few and far between around these parts.  I’ve applied for everything from administrative work to janitorial jobs and everything in between.  Finally, finally, I landed one that I think I’m gonna really like and hopefully will lead to bigger and better things in the future.

Sadly though, this week is gonna be rough on me.  I have to train out-of-town for the rest of the week and that means I’m gonna have to get up waaaaaaaay before the first roosters in this neck of the woods crow.  But, I’m gonna stick with my daily writing.  Even if it’s short, I’m still gonna write something every single day.

Whew!  Got today’s done.

Again, thanks y’all for being patient with me.  I am most definitely a work in progress.


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