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Neglecting Myself

Have any of you ever skipped something that you love to do in your everyday routine so you could make time for the other things that you have to do, thinking that if you put all of your energy into all those have to things that you could somehow make a difference, only to later learn that by neglecting yourself and the things you really enjoy, you’re really not helping anyone?

(Pay no attention to the run on sentence.  That’s just how it happens in my head.  Sorry.)

Welcome to my world for the past few weeks.  My synapses have been in overdrive for so long now, trying to brain storm and solve different problems for different people, it kinda hurts to try to slow it down and just have a few minutes of Me time!  I am exhausted from all the worrying and planning and phone calls and thoughts and conversations, some of which were strictly in my head and between myself and the other people inhabiting this body of mine.  Ok, so that might’ve been a bad joke because I really don’t suffer from multiple personality disorder, but I have felt like I’m being pulled in a thousand different directions all at the same time.

So, because of all the stuff that’s been going on, I’ve completely neglected myself and my love of writing and as a result, I’ve probably only stressed myself out even more.  Writing brings me such pleasure and joy, a release, if you will.  Even if no one else reads it, the act of writing actually brings me peace and clarity in a world gone mad.  So, starting today, I’m gonna make a more concerted effort to write something, anything, every single day.  There may still be times when we have company, or we’re out of town, or we have weekend activities that I may not actually post something everyday, but I’m still gonna write something every single day.

Hmmm…  I wonder who I’ll get in trouble with if I fall short on this little endeavor….


It’s Too Early

Living up here near the top of the mountain, we see a lot of different weather patterns that most of our neighbors down at the base just aren’t lucky enough to experience.  For instance, in the summer, it’s almost always cooler up here than it is down below and in the neighboring little towns.  Fall is no different.  It’s still cooler up top here, but we also have something else that our lower elevation friends don’t have.

Saturday’s forecast called for “snow flurries up top” and Mother Nature sure didn’t disappoint.  Saturday morning, we woke up to an extremely cooler morning and by about mid-day, the first tiny little flakes of the season were swirling around the cabin.

Now, some of you that know me, know that I absotivelyposilutely love snow.  I love colder temps.  I love roaring fires in the fireplace.  I love homemade soup.  I love Mountain Man’s deer chili.  I love Christmas.  I love sledding, snowmen, and snowball fights.  I love, love, love everything about Winter!

However, when you’re looking out your windows and your garden still has tomatoes hanging on the vines, your pepper plants are still hanging full, green onion tops are still protruding from the ground, and most of the trees around you are still hanging full of lush, green leaves, snow just doesn’t have the same effect.  I think this might’ve been the first time in my life that the first snow of the year didn’t make me deliriously happy.  I’m talking happiness that leads to squeals of delight, jumping up and down, and grinning from ear to ear without being able to stop!  And remember, I’m a grown woman!  To some, this is what might be considered a sight to behold.

Most people around here think I’m nuts because I’m one of the few that actually likes the snow.  And I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that loves the fluffy white stuff.  I’ve even been given a thoughtful name by all of my dear friends.  During the Winter months, I’m known as The Snow Queen.  I usually catch a lot of flack from everyone I know once Winter sets in and this year’s not gonna be any different.  In fact, it’s already begun.  But that’s ok.  I can handle it.  My love of snow far outweighs anything anyone can ever say about The Snow Queen.  Plus, they all love me and they all know who they are.

This Snow Queen will have plenty of time to get excited and dance a jig later on in the year when it snows again.  But for now, it’s just too dang early.  I’m really hoping that the fluffy white stuff doesn’t make its return until Fall has had a chance to come and go.

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