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Three Things

Three splendidly wonderful things happened up here at the cabin over the weekend.


1) I had to build the first fire of the season because it got so blasted chilly.

2) I replaced our lovely, soft cool summer sheets with thick, fluffy flannel ones to knock the chill off and keep us warm at night.

3) Mountain Man killed the very first deer of the season early Saturday morning.


These may not seem very important to some of you, but for me, they signify that while according to the calendar, fall officially doesn’t begin until next weekend, it has indeed come early for us here on our side of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Comments on: "Three Things" (2)

  1. missyj1969@gmail.com said:

    Yay! A new blog post. I’m as excited about reading your post as you are about the three things that happened. Are you all going to eat that deer this winter? I have a confession to make about flannel sheets- we use them year ’round because we run the A/C down here about eight months out of the year and it makes it quite cozy! Only problem I have is the sheets stretch out- do yours? I’ve thought about getting a pair of my late FIL’s suspenders and strapping the corners to the underside of the mattress, lol. I love them just out of the dryer!

    • Thanks so much for reading my blog and being excited about it. I wish I could figure out a way to turn my love of writing into a career. Maybe one day when my kids are grown. We actually had “Italian deer” sammys on Sunday! Yummo! And I like your idea about the suspenders keeping the sheets in place! You should try it and let me know how that works out for you.

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