Enjoying life's adventures in a secluded mountain cabin

1~ Sex.  Need I say more?  If further explanation is needed, then I’m sorry to say, dear reader, that you are apparently not doing something right and my fervent prayer for you is that you will explore different avenues to make this act more enjoyable in the future.

2~ Chocolate.  Oh, chocolate!  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…  Nah, that’s another post entirely.  But I will say that eating a good piece of chocolate, for me anyway, can be a life altering experience.  I find it’s very closely akin to a religious experience.  It has an affect on me like no other food that exists on this planet.  It calms me and brings me back to my center.  It makes the world right again.

3~ Alcohol.  Speaking as someone who doesn’t smoke, has never done drugs, and has no other real vices to speak of, unless you count numbers 1 and 2 on this list, alcohol has the power to make the rest of the world just fall away and leave you feeling blissful, if only for a moment.  And that feeling is just so wonderful and awe inspiring.  Sometimes it’s good to just get away.  Just for a little while.  It’s a good thing I don’t have an addictive personality.  I’d be an alcoholic for sure!

4~ Driving.  I know there are those out there who hate to drive.  They absolutely loathe having to get behind the wheel of a car for whatever reason.  I am not one of those people.  I love to drive!  I love the feeling I get blaring down the road in my car, watching the world pass by through my more often than not dirty windshield.  It’s bliss.

5~ Food.  I no longer have to eat what’s put on a plate before me because someone says I have to!  Now, I get to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and for however long I want.  Given his natural ability in the kitchen, Mountain Man and his culinary delights have been an irreplaceable asset when it comes to this.

6~ Makeup.  Any gal out there who has freckles and eyelashes that seem completely invisible will totally relate to this one.  A little cover up for the freckles that I so vehemently loathed as a child, yet have developed a new love/hate relationship with as an adult, and a couple coats of black mascara and I’m a happy girl.

7~ Music.  Anyone that knows me knows that my life has its own soundtrack.  Almost every single song that I hear has a memory that corresponds with it.  It’s kinda like the way smells can conjure up images from most people’s past.  Music does that for me.  And being an adult means I get to listen to whatever kind of music I like, whenever I want, and for however long I want!  Wait, except when the kids are around and I’m in the mood for some uncensored tunes, or when Mountain Man’s nearby and I wanna mellow out with some Lilith Fair stuff, or when….   Oh, never mind.  You get what I’m saying.

8~ Friends.  When you grow up and become an adult and you’re no longer trying to fit into the “in crowd”, you get to finally be yourself and for me, my true life friends developed long after elementary and high school.  I think it’s great that some people have those childhood pals they can still relate to, but for me, it just didn’t happen.  I find that my friends that I made well into adulthood are the ones that accept me no matter how screwed up or how ridiculously silly I may be.  They love me unconditionally.

9~ Kids.  Honestly, without my kids, I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today.  They have shaped and molded me into this wonderfully, somewhat zany, and at times delirious being that’s sitting here typing this today.  I wouldn’t trade one minute of being a Mother.  Well, wait a minute.  Perhaps that one time when one of ’em….

10~ True Love.  I think my Mama was right when she used to tell me I was too young to know what true love was when I was a teenager.  I don’t think I ever realized just exactly what she meant, though, until they placed my babies in my arms after they came into this world.  Most parents out there know exactly what I’m talking about.  And even though I thought I’d been “in love” a couple of times in my life, I really don’t think I’d ever had the real deal ’till Mountain Man came into my life and showed me what true love between a man and a woman really is.  I’m still learning new things about true love, even now.  And I must say, every hurt, every heartache, every disappointment, every pitfall, everything I’ve faced up to now has been worth it, just to know that this man, honestly, and truly, loves this woman.


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