Enjoying life's adventures in a secluded mountain cabin

My Protector

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening here at the cabin today, but something is definitely going on.  Max, aka, the best dog in the whole wide world, has been acting strange for a couple of days now and today’s gotten even stranger.  Yesterday, he followed me everywhere I went.  He was on my heels every single time I turned around.  He even followed me to the bathroom once or twice!  And this is very unusual for Max.  He usually minds his own business, which consists mostly of lying around the house and napping most of his days away, only wanting to go outside a couple of times to relieve himself, and letting me know by way of a slight “woof” that there’s a car, 4wheeler, cat, deer, etc., coming near the house.

All day yesterday, he was just extremely protective over me.  He went everywhere I did.  He even jumped up between my son and I when he rose from the couch in the living room and was walking toward me in the kitchen and let out a low growl as if to warn my own flesh and blood not to dare mess with me.  It was very strange.

Now, today, things have gotten even weirder.  Max has followed me around all day again and while we were outside on the deck enjoying some sunshine, he started growling and barking at something, or someone, that I couldn’t see up in the woods behind the cabin.  So, I called him over to me and calmed him down, thinking it was probably a deer or some other woodland creature.  Then, I heard some strange noises up on the ridge that kinda freaked me out a little.  It was probably just a deer or something, but still, I came in the house and retrieved my gun from upstairs and it’s now resting on the table beside me as I write this.

The strangest part of this day is still going on, right now, at this very moment in time.  About an hour ago, Max started making this loud licking/swallowing sound with his mouth while he was laying on the rug beneath my feet as I was finishing up a book I’ve been trying to get through for the past week.  I’ve never heard him make this sound before, so it startled me at first.  And then, upon further inspection of my protector, Max started looking at me with these pleading eyes, all the while making that horrible, wretched sound and licking his lips over and over again.

So, I got up to try to get him to drink some water, thinking he might be parched.  He started doing laps around my feet and the table like he does when he needs to go outside to do his business.  I opened up the screen door for him and let him out and he was still acting weird, so I stood there and watched him for a few minutes.  He walked over the edge of the driveway and started arching his back and retching.

The poor thing was sick.  I continued to watch him from the porch because I just can’t stand to see this dog sick.  The first time it happened in front of me, it scared me  too death.  As I’m watching him, he goes over and starts eating some tall blades of grass growing over by the bank to soothe his stomach, so I return to my book.  I’m determined to finish this thing today!  A few minutes later, I hear Max retching again and making this loud hacking sound.  I go to check on him and he’s doing laps out in the driveway around my car!

Keep in mind, we’re talking about an older dog that rarely ever walks fast, let alone runs in circles for no reason.  Yeah, he does it when he gets excited or when Mountain Man plays with him, but that’s about it.

I let him in the house and try to get him to drink some water again and he just kinda looks at me like I’ve lost my mind as he walks right past me and his water dish and proceeds to walk around the house, into every room, making circles around the dining room table, the coffee table, through one door of the downstairs bedroom and around the bed and out the other door that leads into the bathroom that then exits back out into the main living area.  And round and round and round he goes.

After about 10 solid minutes of watching him do this, I try the water again.  Nothing.  It’s almost as if he cannot will himself to stop pacing the floors.  He darts upstairs and I sit down at the table and try to return to my book, yet again.  I think for sure that this manic episode he seems to be having will end with him taking a nice long, leisurely snooze in his bed that’s in our bedroom upstairs.

Wrong.  I can hear his footsteps on the floor upstairs, pacing back and forth from our bedroom and back out into the other bedroom and around the loveseat that sits in the middle of the floor and back to our bedroom again.  He tires of this rather quickly and returns downstairs to repeat his earlier wonderings throughout the lower level of the cabin.

It’s now been over an hour and he’s still at it.  I finished my book during his incessant pacing but not without looking up at him every other time he walked by me.  His pace has slowed somewhat now, but he’s still making circles through the downstairs bedroom, around the bed, through the bathroom and back out into the main living area.  I wonder how much longer he can keep this up?

Ohhh.  He just switched it up a bit.  He made a lap around me sitting here at the dining room table and looked up at me as if to say, “What?”


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