Enjoying life's adventures in a secluded mountain cabin

The Invaders

Have you ever felt like someone, or something, was watching you?  Living up here in the cabin there’s always some form of wildlife watching.  The deer, the occasional bear, a stray snake, raccoons, the moths trying in vain to get into the house thru the open windows and doors, and we can’t forget Max, the dog.  You’d think I’d be used to being watched by now, but last night was pretty darn freaky.

Most people have had at least one run in with the invader I failed to mention in the previous list.  Whether you live in the woods, or the country, or near the ocean, or in the city, just about everybody out there has had to battle bees.  And we’re definitely no different.  In our upstairs bathroom, the light/vent/heater in the ceiling has become a party hole for a bunch of bees!  They’ve been buzzing around up in the vent pipe for quite some time now, but we just thought they were flying in there and then getting stuck and buzzing around until they died.  Evidently, we were wrong.

Last night when I went up to brush my teeth, I noticed the incessant buzzing and what can only be described as a strange munching sound, was much louder.  Upon further inspection, I noticed there was a bee corpse hanging out of one of the small slits for the air to flow thru.   Then, after I climbed up on the toilet for a closer look, I saw them.  There they were, little bee legs darting in and out of the vent holes at a rapid pace.  Absolutely one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen in the house!  And we’re not talking little bees here, either.  These dang things have bodies that are about an inch long and they’re about as big around as my pinky finger!  They’re huge!!!

Since it was almost midnight, and Mountain Man had to work today, he shut the door and left the light on all night long to try to roast the pesky little invaders.  It must have worked on most of them, ’cause I haven’t heard any buzzing or strange munching sounds all day.

Still, I feel like I need to proceed with caution whenever I go into that bathroom.  I’m telling ya, these bees are big enough to carry me off if they ever decided to band together!


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