Enjoying life's adventures in a secluded mountain cabin

You know, I consider myself to be fairly tech savvy.  I mean, I’m nowhere near as gadget friendly as my 13-year-old son, but I can usually manage to find my way around any technological devices that just happen to cross my path.  I may cuss a little, or a lot, depending on the circumstances, and threaten to fling whatever said item may be before I get the hang of it, but by gosh, I can usually figure it out.

That being said, you need to know that I’ve been sitting here in front of my archaic laptop for the past couple of hours trying to back up some of my files to an external hard drive.  Sounds innocent enough, right?  Wrong!

For starters, the nifty little company that sells this wondrous product has decided, along with almost every other company that sells electronics nowadays, not to enclose any directions, instructions, nothing, nada, zip, in the handy little box that my device came in.  Instead, the manufacturer offers an online manual that you can download if needed.  I thought that was mighty sweet of ’em.

Now, call me old-fashioned, but I like to have a hard copy of any directions, manuals, or other such information, that I can hold in my hand, read about my product and every little thing it’s capable of doing, file away for future use, and retrieve at my leisure.  Is that asking too much?  Really?  I think not.

Add the fact that my poor laptop is an ancient dinosaur that has probably been needing to be replaced since the day after I bought it just to keep up with all the new fangdangled technology that keeps coming out and surely you can empathize with me here.

Considering that it’s raining cats and dogs here at the cabin right now and the internet service can be a little sketchy depending on the weather, something I could have figured out in 4.5 minutes flat, took me almost 45 minutes because I had to wait on the internet to cooperate with me in order to download the nifty little online manual.

Whew!  I’m spent.  Thanks for reading my rant.  I just had to get that off my chest.  Hopefully tomorrow will be less frustrating.  Technologically speaking, anyway.


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