Enjoying life's adventures in a secluded mountain cabin

Today, I say goodbye to my leisurely mornings spent sitting in Mountain Man’s comfy, overstuffed chair, sipping coffee, and enjoying the quiet solitude that you can only experience in those first couple of hours just before and right after the sunrise.  Those blissful moments when everyone else is either sleeping or already gone to school or work and all I can hear around the cabin are the birds singing and the somewhat forceful tapping of the keys of my laptop.

Sadly, I never learned how to type quietly like some people can.  I’m also not one of those people who can barely touch the paper with a pen to write something, either.  No, I’m a pretty forceful gal when it comes to words, both the written and the typed ones.  I know, I know… there’s something definitely wrong with me.  But anyway, back to the topic at hand.

I’ve come to cherish these precious hours of aloneness.  I depend on them for my sanity.  My quiet time in the mornings helps replenish my soul everyday and gives me the strength to endure whatever trials and tribulations the world has to throw at me.  And up here in the cabin, near the top of the earth, as one dear friend of mine lovingly likes to refer to my house, it never ceases to amaze me just how cleansing this solitude is.

However, for the next couple of months, I won’t get my leisurely time in the chair.  I won’t get the peace and quiet of the morning.  For today is the last day of school here in our little county.  Summer break will be in full swing here in just another couple of hours.

No more hauling kids to and from the bus stop or to and from the school.  No more homework and after school snacks.  No more fitful mornings with a teenager who likes to sleep ’till the last possible minute before making what seems like a snail’s pace attempt at a mad rush to get out the door, with me in the kitchen yelling out every few minutes to hurry it up in there.  No more laying out clothes and shoes the night before for the younger one and fixing her hair in the mornings.  No more excited rush of glee when she sees me walk into the school to pick her up or exhausted plops into the front seat when he finally makes his way from the bus to my car.  No more “How was your day?”  No more threatening to kill over bad grades or getting in trouble at school.

Serenity will most definitely be lost here at our house for the next few weeks.  It will go by way too slow for my taste and way too fast for theirs.  Hopefully, though, this summer will be filled with all the good things that make summer wonderful for kids.  Baseball, swimming, camping, fishing, hiking, shooting, and whatever else we can think up to have fun up here.

But, being deprived of my life-giving, soul replenishing alone time, I may temporarily lose my mind on occasion.  Then again, perhaps this summer won’t be that bad after all.  Maybe this summer will be the best summer ever!  Perhaps this will be the summer that I find the perfect harmonious balance between my coveted quiet time and the delicious chaos in our house.

Wish me luck!


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