Enjoying life's adventures in a secluded mountain cabin

Have you ever been so hot that you honest-to-God thought your skin was gonna melt right off your skeleton?  So hot, that you found it difficult to breathe and the effort it requires to lift your water bottle to your mouth only induces more profuse sweating in response to the oppressive heat?  So hot, that you were afraid to stand up because you had no idea just how wet your clothes might actually be from all that moisture that your body has expelled in an attempt to cool you off?  Welcome to the world of late afternoon baseball games on 90+ degree days, in the blistering sun, with no shade in sight for the players or the spectators, in the mountains!

I swear, I think lost 10lbs at my son’s baseball game yesterday and I wasn’t even trying to! All I was doing was sitting in my little chair watching the game.  I can’t even begin to imagine how hot all those boys were that were on the field!  Bless their little hearts.

I know that some people are more tolerant of the heat than others, but I think I just might be the biggest wimp around here when it comes to 90 something degree temps here in the mountains.  You see, I’m really not a big fan of sweating my butt off.  The only time I like it outside when it’s that hot, is when I’m in close proximity of a body of water that I can jump into, preferably head first, to cool off.  Heck, I’ll even settle for a spray bottle filled with icy cold water.  Just as long as there’s some way to bring my internal temperature down a few degrees when the mercury keeps rising outside.

Again, I’m a wimp.  I know.  🙂


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