Enjoying life's adventures in a secluded mountain cabin

I’m still here…

For any of you that might have been wondering, I’m still here.  I wasn’t taken on Saturday and my life didn’t change in any way, other than the fact that it’s gotten a little busier this week with two kids playing sports and I’ve had the most awful case of writer’s block known to man!  These two realities and the fact that my computer has been driving me nuts acting funny have been the cause for my temporary hiatus in blogging.

My poor archaic dinosaur of a laptop.  Bless its little heart.  It’s 4 years old and it can be cantankerous and down right mean from time to time.  I’ve seriously contemplated throwing it off the deck a few times here in the last little bit.  But after a cup of coffee, a few deep breaths this morning, and a little tweaking and a few upgrades, he seems to be acting a little nicer.  I’m hoping that our relationship will improve.

Thanks again for being patient with me.  🙂


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