Enjoying life's adventures in a secluded mountain cabin

Sunday mornings…

I love Sunday mornings.  Always have.  But I especially love Sunday mornings on this mountain.  Everything is so quiet and peaceful.  Makes me really appreciate just being alive and being able to relish in all this beauty that surrounds me.

Right now, looking out my windows, the varying shades of green all around me are mesmerizing.  They range from bright and vivid, to dark and muted.  Yet, together, they all seem to blend effortlessly and overtake the senses when you look at them.  You can almost smell the green outside right now!   And I’m not even really all that fond of green!

The sky is varying shades of gray from the ensuing storms that are approaching, with little patches of silver where the clouds aren’t as thick and the sun is trying to burst through.  And although I’m not particularly fond of rainy days, on Sundays, they don’t seem to bother me.  There’s not a whole lot that can ruin these days for me.

I can hear birds fluttering back and forth and singing their lovely songs, or they may be complaining because I kept forgetting to fill up the feeders all last week!  Poor little guys.  I’ll do better this week.  I swear!

So often, we waste days like this worrying about life’s little problems;  complaining about things we don’t have, the laundry that’s waiting on us, wondering if we’re ever gonna “make it”, jobs and money and bills, dirty floors, worrying about how our kids are gonna turn out, wrinkles and stretch marks, “suffering” from road rage because the person in front of you IS actually taking the time to enjoy all the world has to offer.  (Or, perhaps that person just seriously cannot drive.)

Anyway, my point is, instead of worrying about things that we have no immediate control over, perhaps we should just let go.  Maybe we should just try to relax and take in all the beauty that we see today.  Instead of fretting over the laundry and the floors, or the kids and the bills, or those pesky wrinkles that just will not budge no matter how many products you rub on them or how hard you wish for them to go away, perhaps we should try to be like the Sunday drivers and enjoy all that the world has to offer today.

So when you’re out on the road today, (or any other day, for that matter,)  just ignore all those lovely hand gestures being thrown at you by your fellow motorists.  You know, the ones that involve the middle finger.  Don’t pay any attention to the dirty looks you get from other drivers, either.  They just haven’t figured out how to enjoy the little things in life yet.

*Now, if only I can remember this the next time I’m in a hurry and I get behind every single truck, bus, blue haired old lady, tractor, and anything else that might induce a slew of profanities to spew from my mouth like a hot soda that’s been shaken violently.  What can I say?  Sadly, I’m not perfect…


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